First Tabernacle Beth El, Baltimore

First Tabernacle Beth El, Baltimore

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Elder Lance Hawkins
1606 Ashland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21205
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About the Pastor

Elder Hawkins was born and raised in Mount Vernon, NY. As a youngster, he received his first teachings about the Man of God and Grandfather Abraham under the pastorship of Elder Louis Gaskins and Elder Judah N. Roberts. In the summer of 1982 he and his father, Elder Carl Hawkins, moved to Parsonsburg/Salisbury, MD., where his father served as pastor. In the fall of 1982, Elder Hawkins attended Wicomico Senior High School (“WiHi”). At WiHi, he used the basketball skills he developed from the streets of New York to gain a position on the junior varsity team. After his freshman year, he became homesick and return back to New York.

At this point in his life, he began his journey similar to the “prodigal son.” Leaving from under his biological father’s protection and guidance, he had no idea at the time that he was entering deeper into hands of the Creator. In spite of being a graduate from the school of “hard knocks”, God saw fit for Elder Hawkins to graduate from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management. A few years later God blessed him to earn a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling from the University of MD Eastern Shore. Knowing the path that lay before him, God directed his steps to complete a certificate program in Chemical and Alcohol Dependency Counseling from Community College of Baltimore County.

In spite of the many years of riotous living, God saw fit to dust Elder Hawkins off, polished him up and charged him to minister unto the lost soul. For the past 21 years, Elder Hawkins has been ministering unto at-risk youth in public schools and community based outreach programs in the Baltimore area. He also has spent the last 20 years ministering to recovering addicts in the Baltimore area. As a result of the Divine Potter’s Hands, on the last day of the 2013 Passover, Bro. Hawkins was made Elder Hawkins. And for 2 1⁄2 years following that day, Elder Hawkins pastored the Salisbury, MD Tabernacle. *However, after a short pastorship, Elder Hawkins found himself once again back in the familiar valleys and alleys of Baltimore doing God’s bidding. Truly Elder Hawkins has rendered his will and his life to the God of his understanding.

Elder Hawkins has been working for the past 15 years in the Harford County Public School System. For last 10 of the 15 years he has been working as a School Counselor in a elementary school. Through God’s grace and mercy, Elder Hawkins has been able to continue learning and growing. He has most recently acquired credentials to qualify to serve as a school administrator or pupil services worker. All things are possible by the power of God!